miércoles, 25 de noviembre de 2009

There's a tree growing II

And so yes, there's a tree growing, blinding, twisting its way through your fingers. Yes I deeply love its roots, and yes, the fall of its leaves belongs to an eyes-closed moment. Nobody needs to believe something, there's just a tree growing. Deep-sea diving: nocturnal fishes are nibbling the light in your mouth.

jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2009

There's a tree growing

There's a tree growing down to my head, sinking and pulling up the memories that I am with its roots. There's nothing I could know about its arrival, I don't know wich flying seed came to stick and grow down to the nape of my neck. Yes, it doesn't exactly grow up. It seems it decided to show to the world's harshness its most delicate possession, the blind trace of its awakening. Birds come and dig to find a branch where to lie down the restlessness of their flight. But as soon as they find their place, they realize that their feathers start to harden and they understand that soon their heart will be also made of stone. And they don't make any move to stop it but wait. And the echo of their old flight keep vibrating the dust in my flesh.
Lo que nunca se dormía del todo, era una cierta idea de magnolias. Aunque los árboles donde ellas vivían hubieran quedado en el camino, ellas estaban cerca, escondidas detrás de los ojos.